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Volup2 Magazine Seeks Backing for Next Issue

Volup2 Magazine September 2012Velvet d’Amour is currently seeking backing to support the publication of next issue of VOLUP2, the groundbreaking fashion magazine that features themes that are highly artistic and challenge the conventional wisdom that has defined beauty in the past.

The models and subject matter are as diverse and all-encompassing as one could imagine. The photography is amazingly effective and expressive. We recommend a trip to VOLUP2 for everyone. We also urge you to back this fine and deserving magazine by going to KickStarter to see how you can help.

PMT – Picture of the Week – 7/9/2012

Velvet D’Amour covers Skorch Magazine June 2012

Velvet D'Amour for Skorch Magazine June 2012

Plus size fashion model, photographer, publisher,  actress,  photographer and  filmmaker are some of the hats worn by the truly iconic Velvet D’Amour.

In addition to covering Skorch magazine, Velvet publishes her own magazine, VolUp2

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Picture of the Week – 11/15/2010

Velvet D’Amour is an American born plus size model born in 1967 who is currently living in Paris.  Velvet burst on the modeling scene when Jean Paul Gaultier and then John Galliano sent her down the runway for their 2007 Spring /Summer collections in fall 2006. D’Amour, a size 28,  was 5’8″ and weighed around 300 pounds then.

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