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SwimsuitsForAll presents Sexy at Every Curve

Retailer launches sexy,curvy, new campaign!

Plus size swimsuit retailer swimsuitsforall has launched a new campaign to help the general public become exposed and educated in matters regarding  plus size women’s desire to wear stylish and well fitting swimwear. To aid in this effort, they have enlisted the help of writer and style blogger, Gabi Gregg aka GabiFresh of “Tankini” and fame, and three gorgeous,curvy, plus size models, Robyn Lawley, Shareefa J, and Jada Sezer.

Also included in the campaign is an online swimsuit calendar, a re-creation of Sports Illustrated’s 50th Anniversary cover both featuring the women above, and for swimsuitsforall followers, a swimwear contest that has some fabulous prizes. The best part of it all is that this campaign calls attention to size-acceptance issues by both women and the general public and helps to promote the fact that women can be sexy at any size.

Check out this hot video: Sexy at Every Curve: With Robyn Lawley & GabiFresh

The best way to take all this in is to go to and see for yourself.