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Is Plus Size the New Hollywood Ideal?

The number of Hollywood leading ladies that are plus size is growing. NAAFA and express support of women of different sizes being positively portrayed in the media.

Santa Monica, CA (PRWEB) April 26, 2011

While Oprah Winfrey has reached millions of fans who have shared in her weight struggles over the years it has been notably rare to see an actress or model who is plus size in the limelight.

Recently however, that trend has seemed to be changing course and there is a smattering of outside the box lead actress roles to prove that, including: Gabourey Sidibe’s Oscar nomination in 2010, Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva show cast a plus size actress in the lead role, ABC Family’s new show Huge boasts a curvy cast and a storyline focused on plus size teens, and last but not least, the hit series Glee is receiving buzz about its plus size character and her increased story line that includes a love interest.

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