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Laura Wells – Picture of the Week – 9/26/2016

Aussie model Laura Wells is one beautiful, versatile, and talented plus model. Laura has shown that she has command of the skills required to master the many genres of modeling. Beside being a very beautiful and talented international model, she is an environmental scientist who also holds a law degree. Laura, the model-scientist, is committed to bring fashion forward active and swim wear that is environmentally friendly. She also promotes body positivity for women.


Laura Wells for Embody Jeans

Laura has been seen globally and especially in Australia and neighboring areas. She has worked for the Australian brand The Upside in their “Be You campaign”. She has done extensive work for Aussie designer and model Natalie Wakeling and her brand Embody Denim. She has also appeared for Evans, Betty Diamond and many Australian brands. Laura also represents Swim Sexy Eco-Friendly Swimsuits – for Swimsuits For All.

Laura had covered the Spanish Fashion magazine Yo Dona, appeared in Australian Cosmopolitan magazine, and in December 2013 Laura was named “Woman of the Year” by Plus Model Magazine.

Laura is seen for Embody Denim wearing an adorable, colorful Tinseltown print dress.


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Laura Wells representation includes:

Wilhelmina International Inc.

Viviens Models



Laura on Plus Models Today




PMT – Picture of the Week – 9/1/2014

Wakeling and Wells for Embody Denim


Natalie Wakeling and Laura Wells for Embody Denim 2014


Plus model, designer, and founder of Embody Denim, Natalie Wakeling is featured with top international plus model Laura Wells in the new 2014 A/W looks for the Aussie brand Embody Denim.  Both ladies are at the top of their game but somehow they continue to get better and better. Be sure to check out the new looks at Embody Denim and see what we mean.


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PMT – Picture of the Week – 1/2/2012

LauraWells for Embody Denim

Plus model, Laura Wells is wearing a look from Embody Clothing, a new line of dresses, skirts, and shirts by EMBODY DENIM from their Spring/Summer 2012 campaign.  A nice color treat.

Embody Denim was created by designer and plus model Natalie Wakeling. Laura is represented by BGM Models, Australia.

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Picture of the Week – 12/13/2010

Natalie WakelingPhotographed by Anna Bertalli

Natalie Wakeling is an Australian plus size model and the creator of “Embody Denim”, a plus size premium denim brand. As a model, Wakeling was influential in encouraging Australian Cosmopolitan magazine’s editorial policy to use models over an Australian size 12( US size 8 ) in every issue. As a designer and businesswoman she is always in touch with the latest fashion trends and makes sure the most important goal of  “great overall fit” is met at Embody Denim.

This photo of Natalie Wakeling is absolutely stunning. From head to toe, everything about her is working to blend or contrast with that eye-popping backdrop. Her legs have to be among the best in the industry and they are accentuated and complemented with those ruby-red Oz-like shoes and bracelet. Her hair, surrounded by her raised arm and the shadow cast by her hand over her eyes blend  with  the background rock as does the shadow cast by her body.  The swimsuit and her gorgeous face speak for themselves. gives this a 10/10. What do you think?

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