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New Chromat Plus Size Swim Collection – Picture of the Week – 7/9/2018

The designers at Chromat have struck again. This time it’s with their new Chromat Plus Size Swim Collection. It’s the fit and design that plus-size women have always looked for and now they need to look no further than Chromat to find it.

Chromat Plus Size Swim Collection

This new collection release from Chromat features plus model Hunter McGrady who is well known for her participation in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Rookie competition activities. It’s great news that Chromat is expanding into plus size swimwear and using plus-size models to illustrate their new creations.

Check out more of this collection  Chromat Swimwear!


Model Data:

Connect with Hunter






Wilhelmina International Inc. (LA, Miami) represents Hunter.


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Jocelyn Corona for Chromat – Model for Today – 06-26-2018

Jocelyn Corona wears Chromat


Jocelyn Corona wears Chromat

Beautiful, curvy, and slaying, Jocelyn looks stunning as she walks the NYFW runway for the fashionable and creative designers from Chromat.  Joycelyn and this look are both stunning and together they are absolutely unstoppable.

Ms. Corona is a curvy Mexican model who is making big moves to the top of her profession.  Here she is at the Chromat Spring Summer 2018 fashion show during New York Fashion Week. Not bad for such a young and new international beauty.

We and many others are looking forward to seeing more from Corona and Chromat.


Model Data

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Muse NYCMX Models, and Milk Management(UK) represent Jocelyn.


Physical Characteristics:

Jocelyn is 5’10” tall. Her bust, waist, and hips measure (41.5, 33.5, and 44 inches respectively). She has brown hair and eyes. Her shoe size is 9.


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Chromat & Karlsson – Picture of the Week – 2/12/2018

Chromat Promotes Diversity at NYFW AW 2018 

Chromat launched their fashion show for New York Fashion Week AW 2018 and diversity and inclusivity were abundantly apparent from the get. The models varied in height, weight, ethnicity, body shape, color, and hair length. One model walked the catwalk while wearing her artificial leg. At the end of the show, the first thing that popped out of my mouth was “That’s how a fashion show is supposed to be!!!”.

Sabina Karlsson walked for Chromat during NYFW again this season and she brought her precision and polished A-game, as usual. In fact, all the models were on their A-game. It was a great show. There is a clip of the whole show so you can see the designs and women in motion. As usual designer Becca McCharen-Tran and Chromat crew did a wonderful job.

Watch the show:


Model Data:

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JAG Models represents Sabina Karlsson



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Kailee O’Sullivan – Picture of the Week – 10/26/2015

Plus size curvy model Kailee O’Sullivan

Beautiful Kailee O'sullivan is a gorgeous plus size model

Kailee O’Sullivan continues to break new ground as her modeling career continues to grow. Beside working for some of the best brands in the business, Kailee was featured in New York Fashion Week  SS 2015 along with top model Denise Bidot and Katy Syme for Chromat, the edgy fashion label on the cutting edge of geometrically structured fashion.

Kailee resides in Brooklyn, New York and is a beautiful, curvaceous model. She is 5’9”, wears a size 14 dress and her measurements are 38-33-43(in).

Kailee O’Sullivan’s  representation includes Muse Model Management.






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Sabina Karlsson – Picture of the Week – 10/5/2015

Sabina Karlsson stuns at New York Fashion Week SS 2016

Beautiful plus size curvy model Sabina


Top plus size model Sabina Karlsson was a featured model in the Addition Elle runway show which presented the Addition Elle/Ashley Graham Black Orchid Collection. Sabina, the 5’11” stunning plus model, was all over NYFW and also appeared in the lineup for Chromat which presented models of diversity wearing their fashion forward collections. This beautiful and sexy model also appeared in the Lane Bryant #PlusIsEqual campaign.

This Swedish beauty has worked as both a plus size and straight size model and is becoming more and more well known and liked daily. Maybe it’s her flame red hair or shapely curves or her stunning good looks; Sabina is making big moves on the big catwalks, and markets.


Karlsson’s  representation includes 12+UKJAG Models and MIKAs (Stockholm).






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PMT – Picture of the Week – 9/15/2014

Denise Bidot Walks in New York Fashion Week 2014


Denise Bidot walks in New York Fashion Week  September 2014


History was made as two labels sent plus size curvy models down the runway in two separate shows to rave reviews. One of the best aspects of each event was that both straight and plus size models were presented as a cohesive group of models presenting their designer’s creations as only they individually could. In other words, it was all about top designs and top models and not about size.

Denise Bidot walked for Chromat by Becca McCharen whose show included other plus models. The other label, Zana Bayne, by Zana Bayne featured top curvy model Gia Geneiveve and several other plus models as well.

Denise is represented by Muse Model Management

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