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PMT – Picture of the Week – 8/11/2014


Laura Wells, plus size Aussie model covers Yo Dona magazine.


Plus size model Laura Wells for "Yo Dona"

The beautiful stunner Laura Wells has landed the cover of the Spanish fashion magazine Yo Dona.  Long an advocate of positive body image, Wells defines what she thinks is right for her image and does what she needs to make it happen. Judging by her body of modeling work, she’s doing a terrific job. Not only is Laura concerned about her personal image and lifestyle, this model is an environmental scientist who is deeply concerned about the environmental health of the planet as well.

Laura Wells’ representation includes BGM Models.

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PMT – Picture of the Week – 2/25/2012

Plus Size Beautiful

Laura Wells for Australian Cosmopolitan in 2013 sexy lingerie.

Top international plus size model Laura Wells is featured in the March 2013 issue of Australian Cosmopolitan magazine and Cleo magazine as well.  It’s nice to see models of all sizes earn the opportunity to work in various media by virtue of their talent. Laura has certainly taken advantage of hers by being her naturally beautiful self and producing gorgeous work such as this Cosmopolitan  editorial.

Laura Wells’ representation includes  BGM Models, Australia.

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You can find more about Laura Wells on her Facebook page.

PMT – Picture of the Week – 12/10/2012

Laura Wells – Plus Size Beauty


Laura Wells wearing maxi dress for Maggie T

Laura Well, a top international plus size model, is seen here modeling a sleek looking maxi dress for the Aussie designer brand, Maggie T.  This look is part of their 2012 SS Collection.  The dress gently flows around Laura’s curves and is designed for comfort and style as those down under enter the summer months.

Laura’s representation includes BGM Models.

You can track Laura on her Facebook pages.

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PMT – Picture of the Week – 4/16/2012

Laura Wells for Australian Women’s Weekly 2012photographed by Max Doyle and style by Mattie Cronan

Laura Wells, a perennial favorite of the industry, is represented by Wilhelmina and BGM agencies among others. This Australian beauty has a curvaceous body that puts her in a class by herself. Whether modeling swimwear,lingerie, or dresses for all seasons, she has consistently produced some of the best work out there, including some lively runway stunners.

Laura, one of the top plus size models today, is seen here for the January 2012 issue of Australian Women’s Weekly.

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PMT – Picture of the Week – 2/27/2012

Laura Wells for Asos

Simplicity can bring its own reward as Laura Well illustrates in this stylish yet simple look. Neither Laura or the outfit overshadows the other but merge instead to form a classically styled look.

Laura is one of the very top plus size models today. Judging by how she is winning over support from many quarters, both male and female,  she definitely  has “game-breaker” potential in many media markets.

This Australian beauty is represented by BGM Models and is shown here for Asos.

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PMT – Picture of the Week – 10/24/2011

Laura Wells for Betty Diamond Photo: Jez Smith

Australian plus model Laura Wells is absolutely stunning in her swimsuit by Betty Diamond, swimwear/resortwear.  This photo clearly illustrates the magic that can happen when you start with a top model, a high quality product, and then all elements of the creative process come together on full blast.

Laura is represented by BGM Models.

Picture of the Week – 1/31/2011

Laura Wells (August 26, 2010 – Photo by Stefan Gosatti/Getty Images AsiaPac)

Laura Wells is a plus size model who lives and works primarily out of Austrialia.  She is with BGM Models, Sydney.

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