Picture of the Week – 2/21/2011

Robyn Lawley for Inclusives

Plus model Robyn Lawley has been very busy lately with appearances in Australians Cosmopolitan in the November and December issues and a one-woman virtual fashion show for OneStopPlus.com during New York Fashion Week.  The show was seen worldwide online and simulcast in Times Square NY on a Jumbotron.

Robyn is also featured in the February 2011 issue of  Australian Cosmo. If that weren’t enough, Lawley and Lauren McKenzie are the front-models for H&M new Inclusive – a one-off collection of colorful and feminine fashion with lots of attitude in a wider than usual range of sizes.

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  2. […] the Internet during New York Fashion Week.  Robyn is making big moves and we expect to see a lot more of Ms. Lawley going forward. Posted in Models, News | Tags: cover model, Fashion Model, French Elle, […]

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