Picture of the Week – 1/24/2011

Victoria Castillo© Victoria Sprung

Victoria Castillo is a Mexican-American plus-size model, actress and choreographer based in Los Angeles who has an established track record in the fashion industry. Castillo has also appeared in film, television and stage productions.

Victoria is represented by the Brand Agency in LA/Orange County, Heffner Management in Seattle and Shammon-Freitas in San Diego.

An apt title for this photo would be “Composition in Brown”. The rich dark tones of the sofa and Victoria’s hair contrast with the caramel smooth and creamy tones of her curves and face. Her stylish sweater adds another layer of “pop” as it frames and accentuates those gorgeous curves and face. We rate this  photo a definite 10/10.

Click for more of this plus size beauty.

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