Olivia Campbell – Picture of the Week – 4/18/2016


Olivia Campbell  –  Plus Size Beauty


Olivia Campbell Beautiful Model

Olivia Campbell is a delightfully beautiful plus size model from the UK who making big moves of late.  She is relatively new on the scene but she’s not letting that stop her from letting her feelings be known about issues affecting many models and women as they strive just to be themselves in a society that tries to define beauty, style, and fashion by their size.

Here is a moving clip of Olivia as she relates some of her experiences growing up bigger than some other kids her age and the impact it had on her then and now. She also describes how that made her feel then and even now. It is a very tender,  revealing and powerful clip. The best part is how she has changed those negatives into empowerment and positivity. It is most certainly well worth the time to view it. The video is “I’m Not Curvy, I’m Fat: Olivia Campbell” by Style Like You.


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Olivia Campbell’s representation  includes Bridge ModelsMSA Models, and Curve Model Management.

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