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Chanelle Mustafa


This is the hub for Chanelle Mustafa on Plus Models Today. Looking at this beautiful, curvy model just drives home the point that beauty comes in all sizes.PMT

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Lovely curves accentuate the natural beauty of Chanelle.


In 2015 Chanelle was featured in a spread by Anna Scholz, the designer behind the retail brand of the same name. Anna Scholz is an international brand doing business online.

Model Data

IMM Agency Group from the UK represents Chanelle Mustafa.


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Chanelle’s Measurements:

Height: 5′ 9”     |  175.5cm
Bust:    47½”   | 121cm
Waist: 43.5      | 109.5cm
Hips:   55”        | 140cm
Dress:  22UK   | 50EU
Shoe:  8UK
Hair:  Brown
Eyes: Blue