Mobile Strike – Plus Models in Action Game Advert

Mobile Strike is a game of modern war developed and published by Machine Zone. The advert for the game features plus size models Olivia Jensen -(Commander-in-Chief), Tabria Majors -(Co-Conspirator No. 1), Emilee Peer -(Co-Conspirator No.2), Erin Grady -(Secret Service Agent No. 1), and Ayesha Perry-Iqbal -(Secret Service Agent No. 1). This type of advert should help convince other marketers that plus size models are as effective as any others models at their craft. In certain markets, they would probably be better.


Tabria Majors Mobile Strike

Emilee & Tabria


Mobile Strike

Ayesha – Olivia – Erin

It seems that most players and wannabes have a very positive reaction to these curvy ladies in the promo work. This game is a free download available on the APP store and Google Play.

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