Marquita Pring – Picture of the Week – 12/14/2015

Marquita Pring beautiful fashion model

Marquita Pring for Real LovePhoto: Jeff An

Marquita Pring was recently interviewed by Elle Magazine on the topic of beauty and plus size models. The purpose of the interview by Kristina Rodulfo, was to discuss the Real Love Exhibition which highlighted the facial beauty of the models and not their curvy, beautiful bodies. The women featured in the exhibition were the ALDA models, a group of models who are on a mission to promote body diversity in the fashion industry. The group consists of Pring, Ashley Graham, Julie Henderson, Inga Eiriksdottir and Danielle Redman. The Real Love Exhibition project artists consists of Paul Warren and Jeff An.

The fashion industry has become acutely aware over the past few years how important the plus size market has become. Most efforts to promote that market have concentrated on showing how attractive and beautiful their curvy bodies are. Here’s the thing though; their faces are just as beautiful as any other models and it’s time to promote that fact as well. Here is the exhibition’s link, Real Love Exhibition, check it out, see what you think.


Marquita Pring is represented by IMG Models.

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