Jocelyn Corona for Chromat – Model for Today – 06-26-2018

Jocelyn Corona wears Chromat


Jocelyn Corona wears Chromat

Beautiful, curvy, and slaying, Jocelyn looks stunning as she walks the NYFW runway for the fashionable and creative designers from Chromat.  Joycelyn and this look are both stunning and together they are absolutely unstoppable.

Ms. Corona is a curvy Mexican model who is making big moves to the top of her profession.  Here she is at the Chromat Spring Summer 2018 fashion show during New York Fashion Week. Not bad for such a young and new international beauty.

We and many others are looking forward to seeing more from Corona and Chromat.


Model Data

Connect with Jocelyn:






Muse NYCMX Models, and Milk Management(UK) represent Jocelyn.


Physical Characteristics:

Jocelyn is 5’10” tall. Her bust, waist, and hips measure (41.5, 33.5, and 44 inches respectively). She has brown hair and eyes. Her shoe size is 9.


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