Embody Denim – Picture of the Week – 10/16/2017

Laura Wells for Embody Denim

Embody Denim


International top model Laura Wells looks great in this outfit from Aussie brand Embody Denim by Natalie Wakeling. The look features the ED logo tee and is a well-known international brand.

Laura is a lawyer and an environmental scientist who is very concerned the environment in her home country of Australia as well the rest of the planet. Laura promotes of body positivity.

Wakeling, who was the first Aussie plus-size fashion editorial model, established the label. She is still on top of the modeling game and always turns out top quality work. When Wells and Wakeling team up together, good things happen. See what’s happening now at Embody.Denim!


Model Data







Laura Wells representation includes:

Wilhelmina International Inc.

Viviens Models



Laura on Plus Models Today




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