Elly Mayday – Picture of the Week – 9/10/2018

Elly Mayday Plus Model


Elly Mayday Plus Model

Elly is a beautiful, courageous, and sexy model from Canada who has successfully battled ovarian cancer. In 2013 this plus size beauty was diagnosed as having ovarian cancer, which she pledged to fight.  After that battle, Elly was given the news in 2015 that the cancer she battled for nearly two years had returned. Once again Mayday chose to fight on despite the tolls she knew it would take in her body and her life in general.

Mayday is 5’8″ tall. Her measurements are chest: 36D, waist: 29?, hips: 45?. She has light brown hair and blue eyes. She wears size 9 shoes.

Elly Mayday is seen here for Rebdolls wearing a very attractive, “MAKE YOU BETTER” OVER THE SHOULDER DRESS.


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Dorothy Combs Models represents Elly Mayday.


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