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Picture of the Week – 12/27/2010

Julie Henderson

Plus model Julie Henderson is represented by Wilhelmina 10/20 Division NYC and Model Management UK in London. Julie earned a degree in marketing from Notre Dame and was a star basketball player there.

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Plus Size Tall’s Model Search has launched a plus size model search, starting  November 8th 2010 to January 15th 2011. The model search is sponsored by Evans, UK’s leading women’s clothing retailer for plus size women. The winner will be offered a trip to Las Vegas in February 2011, where she will hit the catwalk at the Curvy Revolution, the world’s biggest plus size fashion convention.

Picture of the Week – 12/20/2010

Lizzie Miller

Lizzie Miller is the plus size model who is currently best known for her
appeareance in the September 2009 issue of Glamour magazine on page 194. 
That photo set the fashion industry on fire as women( and men) around the
planet commented on her un-air brushed photo and the degree to which Ms.
Miller felt comfortable with her appearance.

More about Lizzie Miller including that “Glamour mag shot”.

Picture of the Week – 12/13/2010

Natalie WakelingPhotographed by Anna Bertalli

Natalie Wakeling is an Australian plus size model and the creator of “Embody Denim”, a plus size premium denim brand. As a model, Wakeling was influential in encouraging Australian Cosmopolitan magazine’s editorial policy to use models over an Australian size 12( US size 8 ) in every issue. As a designer and businesswoman she is always in touch with the latest fashion trends and makes sure the most important goal of  “great overall fit” is met at Embody Denim.

This photo of Natalie Wakeling is absolutely stunning. From head to toe, everything about her is working to blend or contrast with that eye-popping backdrop. Her legs have to be among the best in the industry and they are accentuated and complemented with those ruby-red Oz-like shoes and bracelet. Her hair, surrounded by her raised arm and the shadow cast by her hand over her eyes blend  with  the background rock as does the shadow cast by her body.  The swimsuit and her gorgeous face speak for themselves. gives this a 10/10. What do you think?

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Picture of the Week – 12/06/2010

toccara jones is hotToccara Jones is a top plus size model who has been making steady inroads in the modeling industry since her days as a contestant on America’s Next Top Model.  Ms. Jones along with Lizzie Miller and Ashley Graham were recently featured in the first ever Plus Size Fashion Show at Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week sponsored by and hosted by Emme Aronson.

More about Toccara, aka, “Lady Hennessy” for her work as spokesmodel for Hennessy, the world’s No. 1 cognac , and more fab pix continue on the Toccara page.